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Getting the proper Indooroopilly tree services is important. You want to find a dedicated company that works with trees and understands healthy and proper cutting techniques.


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    The tree lopping service should understand that the tree has a balance and it is important to get that balance corrected when a tree limb is lost. It is important that they are dedicated to properly clean up and willing to remove the tree completely, not just bring it down.

    We work with homeowners to get their trees removed properly. Our company is dedicated to offering professional Arborist solutions for all of Indooroopilly. Our team has been properly trained on how to safely and carefully remove trees as well as in tree lopping. We will make it look easy and it will seem like anyone can do it. However, that is because we are professionals. We are dedicated to our trait of tree lopping, stump grinding, tree removal, and healthy tree trimming. Our goals are properly and safely take down a tree, trim the tree or grind the tree stump.


    If you have an ugly stump to be removed, we can help. We work with ugly stump removals and have specialized equipment that will grind up that stump. Our grinder will grind past the lawn so that you have room to put down dirt and grass seed. In just a few weeks you’ll forget that stump ever existed as your lawn will look amazing.

    Our professionals leave the area neat and clean as well. We believe in having respect for our client’s property and try to leave it in better condition than when we first arrived. We work hard to not have a bunch of ruts in your lawn and take the mess all with us when the tree or stump is removed.


    If you are looking for someone to come out and make your trees look beautiful and healthy again, you have found the right place! Our arborist in Indooroopilly is here to help make the professional cuts needed to improve the health of the tree and have it last for years to come. Taking care of your trees and with proper maintence, the trees can last for years.

    If you have a dead branch in a tree don’t remove it yourself. This can be very dangerous to you and those around you, especially if you don’t have any training. However, we can safely remove that tree branch and ensure there isn’t any other damage to the tree as well. Sometimes a dead tree branch is a sign of other issues the tree is having so it is important to have it checked out. Otherwise, you could have a hollow tree standing in your front yard, which is very dangerous.

    Hollow trees can blow over with the wind. Or the trunk of the tree can just give way at some point. A dead branch could be the first sign that the tree is in danger. A professional arborist is who to call to find out! We are a professional arborist in Indooroopilly and are happy to take a look.

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