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Finding a professional Fernvale Arborist is important when you have a dead limb, down tree or need a tree removed. Arborists study trees and what cuts are okay to keep the tree healthy. If you have a dead limb trimming it yourself can be very dangerous and it is not recommended. However, we can help!


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    We are a tree removal company in Fernvale, outside of Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Getting your trees trimmed is something that should be done every so many years. This allows the tree to grow properly and have the proper shape. We work with business and homeowners to get their trees looking amazing. Our dedicated team of tree trimming experts is ready to fix up your trees as well.

    If you have a tree with a dead branch, this branch can be dangerous. High winds can break the branch and have it come tumbling down. That branch could fall on someone or be thrown at your home. Getting that branch removed quickly is the best option. And, we can help. Hire a professional Arborist in Fernvale to get that tree lopping done properly and safely.


    We believe in safety first. A tree or tree branch is not worth losing someone’s life. Trees are big and heavy, not that this isn’t obvious, but something that seems like a simple removal could quickly turn into something extremely dangerous without the proper equipment and training.

    ​Yes, when we remove trees it typically does look like a quick and easy process. However, there are years of training and experience behind what you see on the surface. Our guys have been properly trained and know and understand how to remove a tree in even the tightest of areas. Give us a call. We are here to remove any tree that is in the way or at the end of its life cycle.


    Dead or diseased trees are also very dangerous. They can become brittle and can fall over or break off branches at any time. Getting that tree down properly and with the right equipment can be a breeze for the professional. Give us a call before someone is hurt.

    We take out unwanted and diseased trees. However, we also do stump removal as well. Get that stump removed with ease! Our expert team has a stump removal equipment that will grind up your stump and leave a nice hole in the lawn. Fill the hole with dirt and grass and it’ll look amazing in no time! You will forget you even had a stump. Call now!

    Our professionals are dedicated to leaving your lawn looking amazing as well. We work diligently to keep things and tidy as possible and leave it looking great. We respect our client’s property and do what we can to not leave ruts in the lawn either. Our goal is to leave your property in better condition than when we found it. Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your situation.

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