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When looking for a professional tree service company you need to look for someone you can count on. Someone that is dependable and trustworthy.


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    Read up on the website and ensure yourself that these people understand trees and how they operate. You don’t just want someone that is going to show up with a chainsaw and a truck. You need someone that has studied trees and understand how to take them down, especially if your tree is in a complex situation.

    We work with businesses and homeowners for Chelmer. We believe that professional arborists in Brisbane, Queensland are the only people that should be removing trees or offer tree lopping services.

    Trees are large and a falling tree is deadly. This is why doing it yourself isn’t an option. After all, your life isn’t worth saving a few dollars. We are here to help. Our dedicated team of professionals knows and understands the complexity of taking down large trees as well as removing tree stumps.

    Don’t let your yard get torn up. Ensure that the professional arborist’s company cleans and hauls everything away. Not all companies are this courteous, however, it’s important. You not only want the tree down, but you asked for it to be removed. Which is what we do. We will safely bring down the tree and then remove it and haul it away. Our goal is to leave your lawn look amazing when we have completed the work. We try our best to not leave ugly ruts in the lawn either, as we are a tree service company that prides itself on respecting the homeowner’s property.


    Do you have an ugly stump? We can help you with that as well! We work with ugly stumps and grind them down to below the lawn surface. All you have to do is add a little dirt and some grass seed! Your lawn will look amazing in no time. And, it’s a pretty simple task when you have the right tools! Give us a call! We are happy to grind out that stump for you and get your lawn looking amazing!


    Tree removal looks easy when done by the professionals. Well, because it is, for us, however, we do not at all recommend someone attempting on their own. Falling branches or even trunks can kill you or someone you love. We are dedicated to safety and no tree is worth a person’s life. Give us a call. We will be happy to take a look at your situation and come up with a solution.

    Want your tree to look better and healthier? Is there a dead limb that should be removed? Call us. We are here to help.

    We understand trees and what the best cutting practices are for them to be healthy. Our goal is to leave your trees looking amazing and you to have better looking and healthier trees in the end.

    Our dedicated experts help builders remove trees that are in the way of building as well. We have removed many trees from one property to just one dead one in the backyard.

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