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    A stubborn stump on your property not only leaves you with an eyesore on your property, but also presents many logistical issues over time. Whether this is to do with lawn maintenance, or landscaping ideas, getting your stump effectively and thoroughly removed can provide you with the freedom you need with your property. Tree Lopping Ipswich brings you a range of solutions when it comes to stump treatment, each with their own benefits.

    Stump Grinding – Stump grinding can be one of the quickest and most effective ways of reducing your stump to ground level, and bringing you a space that you can reuse for level purposes. If you simply want your stump gone, and to extend your lawn over its place, then this choice may be the right one for your needs. We bring the right equipment in the hands of experienced professionals to quickly remove your stump from sight, giving you back the space it used to take up.

    Full Removal – If you’re looking for a more thorough stump removal, you can be sure that our professionals can provide you with the necessary options. If your future plan is to replant in the area, having the main bulk of the stump removed, and then a cut and pull method of stump removal gives you that option. We get low into the ground to expose the major roots, make precise cuts in order to free the base of the stump from those connections, and then fully pull the stump itself out of the ground.

    Stump Treatment – Another way of treating your stumps that provides thorough end results is chemical treatment, although this requires more time invested than traditional stump removal. A chemical treatment is done by drilling into the stump and injecting specialized toxins that target and kill the stump from base to root. The eventual breakdown of your stump is absorbed into the stump’s surroundings, giving you an end result that removes your stump and benefits your property. No matter what treatment option you need, you can depend on our experts to bring you an experienced and specialized touch that provides the best possible results.

    Reclaiming Your Space – We understand that when you want a stump removed, it’s to reclaim your space, and to be able to use the area in a more productive way. We provide you with the ability to do so through tried and tested methods, that have been the core of our services for many years. When you need a dependable stump removal service in order to move forward with your property plans, you can count on the expertise that we provide. If your stump needs to go, we are the professionals that you need to call.

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