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Why Is Topping Trees Bad?

Pruning is beneficial to trees. Arborists recommend tree pruning to maintain good growth as it promotes growth and can even result in more fruitage. However, most arborists do not recommend tree topping as it can hurt trees. The following explains why topping is topping trees bad.

Limb breakage. Topping happens when the largest branches of a mature tree are drastically trimmed. Trimming a tree will create weakly attached limbs because they do not have a large branch to sprout from. Naturally, new limbs should have grown from a larger branch, but since the tree is topped, the natural process of adding layers of wood that overlap branches over time is cut.

Topping injures a tree and exposes it to insects and disease. Topping immediately hurts a tree and starts it on a downward spiral. It also exposes wounds to decay and invasion from insects and disease. The large cuts create a magnet for pests and may develop wood-rotting decay. When tree starts to decay, there is no way of stopping it.

Topping leaves ugly stubs. Tree topping often leaves a disfigured tree growth. Even if it can regrow, it will never provide the form and beauty that a natural tree brings.

It may be too much for the tree. Topping stresses trees. Some tree species won’t survive this procedure as it will impair their ability to capture light and turn it into food. Topping, in some cases, will cause the death of the tree.

There are times when a tree must be reduced in height or spread, so if you are thinking of topping your tree, consult your local arborist first. They can discuss with you the dangers of topping and go to a better alternative to maintain your trees.

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