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Tree Trimming Service – How To Inspect The Health Of A Tree

You know the value of healthy trees to your property, so always be watchful even during the dormant seasons. Be observant and check them for pests, as they can harm your trees in the long run.

You can inspect the health of a tree. Here are some pointers to do so.

Begin by inspecting the tall trees first and visually scan them for abnormalities. Check for clumps and thickened foliage. Although in some cases, this is not an indication that pests are present. However, there are situations when nests are present, and you do not want to remove them unless necessary. But have an expert assess the situation first since it will be safer for you and your home if you call them.

Inspect leaf formation as new growth can be prone to pest damage. Check the most recent, softest development. If there is evidence of aphids, use a pesticide spray or create your solution by mixing hot water, three cloves of garlic, and a little dish soap. Strain the mixture after letting it cool and place it in a spray bottle. Spray the affected areas as they are primarily on new rose blooms.

See if branches and limbs have cracks. It can be a potential home for pests. If you find cracks on branches and limbs, a certified arborist can help deal with them. Cracks can also mean it is time to trim down the affected branches to prevent possible dangers they can bring to your tree and property. The arborist may recommend it to save the tree from further damage.

Call a certified arborist for your tree trimming service needs. It is best to let the experts in tree care and maintenance take care of the job for you.

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