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Notice termite activities in a tree stump in your yard? You will want to get rid of the termites in the stump, especially if the wood is close to a wooden structure. Once done with the stump, these wood-boring pests will look for their next target. and it could be your home.

How can you recognise a termite-infested tree stump? Know the signs of termites in tree stumps.

Termites build a colony in the middle part of a tree stump. These wood-boring insects are expert builders, they won’t eat all of the wood to protect the colony. Termites like to build their nests in the root system of trees. From there the termites will look for food supply and that could be your house.

Surface mud-leads on the tree are indications of termite presence. Seeing external mud-workings shows termite movements in the area.

What to do with pest infested stump?

Termites find tree stumps an ideal food source and a great nesting location. Termite activities on a tree stump mean danger to nearby property. 

Since termites do most of their activities in the centre of the tree or stump, inject a non-repellent poison for termites to stop their activity. Drill a hole to inject the termite control product. Also, you may call a termite control expert to help you get rid of termites in the tree stump.

Tree stumps can attract different species of pests, removing the stump eliminates the risks. Use arborist services for all tree services. Need to remove a tree? You may ask for tree removal quotes One Mile for the service.

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