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Trees benefit us in many ways, but they can also cause major disasters when limbs or a whole tree fall on property or people. Tree hazards often show signs that you can see. Because of this, tree inspection is important to avoid tree-related problems. Here are some tips to recognise and prevent tree hazards.

Observe the tree – Observe the tree from a place where you can have a full view of the tree. Check to see if it is leaning in one direction or another, hanging dead branches and leaves falling off prematurely. Noticing any of these signs imply the tree needs help and calling an arborist is the best way to go.

Root inspection – After checking the health condition of the tree, turn your focus to the root system. Look for decay as it may start to more problems. Fungal and mushroom growth near the roots or trunk indicates a process of rotting. It may appear a tree is healthy, but a distress root system weakens the tree. This may affect the tree to fall over at any time. 

Inspect the trunk – Inspect the trunk and see if there are cracks or cavities. If there are then the entire tree may be in danger of breaking apart. If you notice sections where the bark is skinning off of the trunk, it could be a sign of a fungus attack or that the tree is rotting.​

Inspect canopy structure – Seeing deadwood is a clear sign that the tree is in danger. If the tree has deadwood or you see leave-less branches, call an expert in tree lopping Karalee for help.

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