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Stop Possums On Power Lines: A Guide to Prevention With Little Help From Tree Services

Possums on power lines can be a real headache, but worry not! We’ve got an easy plan to handle the issue and keep the lights on. Here’s a simple guide on how to stop possums on power lines,

Trimming Tree Branches

Possums use tree branches to get to power lines. Hire a tree service to cut branches, making it harder for possums to reach the lines. Regular trimming helps keep them away.

Installing Possum Guards

Possum guards are barriers that stop possums from climbing poles and reaching power lines. Tree services can set up these guards, made of metal or plastic, to keep possums away and make things safe.

Proper Waste Management

Possums like places with food. Keep trash bins sealed so possums aren’t attracted. Proper waste management helps stop possums from coming near power lines.

Professional Assessment and Consultation

Ask tree services to check the area for possible entry points for possums. They can recommend ways to stop them from getting to the power lines.

Utilizing Deterrents

Tree services can help use safe chemicals or natural things that possums don’t like. This helps stop possums on power lines.

Stopping possums from reaching power lines needs simple steps and professional help. So, with possum guards and a little help from tree services, you’re all set to enjoy a hassle-free, possum-free, and blackout-free power supply.

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