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Signs When It’s Time To Consider Sydney Palm Tree Removal

Sydney Palm Tree Removal

Healthy palm trees create a tropical feel on your property. On the other hand, unhealthy palm trees typically pose a safety risk. Some situations call for palm tree removal. Here are some signs that warrant Sydney palm tree removal.

Your palm tree is hugely tall: An extremely tall palm tree can become a hazard to you and your neighbours’ safety or potentially damage your property if it tumbles during a storm.

The build-up of external frond layers: These long and heavy fronds become dangerous to nearby property. It can fall and damage your property during severe weather.

Diseased palm tree: A diseased palm tree exhibits signs of decay such as trunk rot, wilting and necrosis of fronds, or sudden crown drop where the central growth spike suddenly falls off the trunk. These are signs that your palm tree’s structure becomes weak and may soon fall or collapse.

Are you thinking of removing the palm tree yourself? Arborists do not recommend property owners to try to cut down a palm tree by themselves. Palm tree removal requires a lot more skill than you may realise. Climbing palm trees and cutting them down without proper equipment can be difficult, dangerous and stressful. It would be best to get professional help from arborists with the right experience, skills and equipment.

Hiring a certified arborist to remove your palm tree has two significant benefits. First, a team of professional tree service providers will help you with your tree management needs. Knowing you have the right people for the job can make you feel comfortable that our palm tree removal services will be of the highest quality. Second, since it is their profession, you can depend on them to take the utmost care to work efficiently and safely.

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