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Difference Between Professional Tree Loppers and Arborists

At one point or another, we all need tree solutions to deal with several issues that may be happening in the yard. There are tree specialists you can call for your tree service needs. However, it would be interesting to know the difference between an certified arborist and professional tree loppers.

Interestingly, a tree lopper is not an arborist. While they both are in the tree service industry, the two professions require different skillsets to learn and there are many differences too. For instance, a tree lopper has no formal training and they lack the knowledge needed to perform tasks such as pruning. On the contrary, an arborist will have done several years of study in forestry which is not required for a tree lopper.

A tree lopper usually works at heights like the roof but their primary role is cutting branches. They are trained to use cutting tools like a chainsaw to cut branches. Arborists are also trained to use cutting tools, and they use various tools for different tree services.

While tree lopper receives proper training, the training taken by an arborist is more extensive. The bottom line? If you’re looking at hiring a tree lopper or an arborist for your job, you should be clear on what kind of tree work you need to hire the right person for the job. It helps to know the areas of their specialisation to get the best tree care and maintenance possible. The right person for the task ensure proper service and delivers good result.

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