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Pine Stump Removal – Why Leaving Tree Stumps In Your Yard Can Be Problematic

After tree removal, you may think that the process is completed, but it is not. Once cut down, you will also need to have the stump removed. Most reputable tree-care specialists will first assess the tree and decide on the proper action of whether they will do stump grinding or complete Pine stump removal.

Is stump removal needed?

While you can opt to leave the stump and let it rot, there are disadvantages. 

Hazard for kids and even adults. A tree stump is a hazard for children who like to play in the yard. It is only a matter of time before one trips over the stump or one of those attached roots. Adults and children can get hurt, and it is not a good thing, especially if the injury is serious.

Rotten wood harbor pests. Different creatures may live in the stump, from ants, roaches, termites to rodents and snakes. Pests like to live in decaying stumps and make them a place for food and shelter.

Fungal growth. Fungal growth in tree stumps is common. It will greatly accelerate the decal of the stump. Another concerning part is that they can spread even on healthy trees. It can be a danger to your living, healthy trees as these spores can cover the entire area. If one of your healthy trees suffers from a broken branch, the fungi can colonise the wound, making a bigger problem in your property.

Leaving a tree stump in your yard can be problematic. It is up to you to take proper actions to avoid the hazards of tree stumps.

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