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Palm Removal Without Killing The Tree

Palm Removal

You need to use a professional tree removal service to ensure your palm tree is being removed safely. On average, it takes two to three hours to complete a tree service depending on the size of the tree.

Palm tree removal

The process of palm removal begins with an onsite safety assessment. It is where a professional checks for possible hazards such as nearby structures and electrical or power lines. The arborist will provide a report on this. A climber will check them on the ground and hold the necessary ropes. Typically, they will use a cutting tool to clear the canopy of the palm tree.

After all the canopy of the palm tree has been cut and dropped to the ground, the climber, while descending, will segment parts of the tree.

Palm tree removal without killing it

Certified arborists know how to safely remove palm trees or transplant them. If you are looking to relocate a palm tree, you will want to go for the uprooting and transplanting option.

You can do this yourself if the palm tree is small. However, if it is large, you need a professional arborist to do the task for you. Here’s how to move a palm tree safely.

  • Cut off around half of the lower crown of the leaves and tie the rest up.
  • Dig around the root ball of the palm and ensure the root ball is in shape and protect it to avoid root damage. Keep the rest of the palm plant wet when transplanting.
  • Prepare the planting location. 
  • After uprooting, ensure it is replanted as soon as possible for the palms to survive the move. Consider trimming it if you are concerned. Also, provide sufficient quantity of water, add mulch, untie the fronds, supposrt the palm with timbers, and fertilise them when you see new growth.
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