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Obvious Reasons For Tree Removal

In what situation should you consider removing a tree? Different situations may warrant tree removal, but your local arborist can help assess the tree’s condition whether it can be saved or needs to be removed. If your reason for tree removal is for an aesthetic plan or you just want it removed, it is always best to consult your trusted arborist. 

It may be time to remove a tree when you see the following tree conditions. Consider these clear reasons for tree removal:

Decaying wood. When the trunk is compromised and suffering internal decay, the chance of saving the tree may be slim. Visual signs of decay could indicate that the tree is also dead. Some signs of fungal organisms like seeing mushrooms at the base of the tree or conks that appear on the branches and trunks could indicate that the tree is already afflicted with fungal infections.

Leaning tree. Leaning a bit is normal for most trees. A tree may lean because the tree roots are promoting stability as it continues to grow. However, when a tree suddenly leans, it may indicate an unstable root system. You will need to consult with a tree specialist to see what help they can do for your tree.

When a tree becomes a fire hazard. Some trees are volatile because of their sap. You will want to do a routine tree check to monitor if the tree is safe or not, mostly if you live in an area where wildfires happen.

Having a tree care specialist for all your tree service needs will help your tree grow healthy and avoid tree hazards that may occur. Tree experts will do a proper assessment of your trees and do the best practices that can be applied to them.

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