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Your local arborist can carefully inspect garden trees for damage. Some problems may not be quickly visible, but tree experts are masters at recognising the most common tree problems. Do you see brown leaves on your tree? Or maybe your tree doesn’t seem to be growing much?

Here are some of the most common tree problems and solutions for you.

Problem #1: Lack of nutrients

Trees in our garden often suffer from a lack of mineral recycling and nutrients. Trees benefit from nutrient-rich soil from decomposing leaves. We naturally want to keep our yard clean, so we remove fallen leaves. However, this prevents trees from getting beneficial nutrients from decomposing leaves recycled into the soil. Also, the grass around outcompetes trees for food, water or other resources.

The solution to this problem is to do something that will add nutrition back to the soil. Learn when to fertilize your tree. It also helps to much your tree properly. Organic mulch help supply the soil with nutrients and microorganisms. There are mulching services you can call for free on-site assessment.

Problem #2: Pests attack

Stressed trees are an easy target for some pests. Tree stress is often due to a poor environment. Perhaps the tree may be planted in the wrong place, become unhealthy because of lack of nutrients or have limited access to other resources. If trees struggle to get proper nutrients and compete with the surrounding grass, the problem is amplified.

What you can do is find and treat tree pests and conditions early. Constantly monitor trees for pests. Also, manage trees’ stress. You may want to consider calling your local arborist for treatment advice.

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