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In an event of a home construction project, you want to include the safety of your trees. Construction activities can affect nearby beautiful and healthy trees, or worse damage or kill them. Considering the safety of your trees during a building project, a little planning and forethought help.​

You can hire a tree care expert to help preserve your trees during home construction. They know how to minimize the effects of construction on nearby trees.

Evaluate trees nearby the construction site. Before the start of the project, your arborist will evaluate the trees near the planned construction site. Landscaping trees nearby the construction can be damaged by the building process. Moving these trees is an option, but tree removal may be considered. However, very mature trees are not possible for moving and transplanting, any others that are severely diseased or pest-infested may need to go down.

Prepare trees before the project starts. Some trees close enough to a home construction project may not need to be moved or removed. However, they will need some extra care and attention before any work starts. Healthier trees can survive the construction process. The arborist ensures the trees’ best possible health and delivers some tree care services, including pruning, soil testing, fertilizing and mulching.

Create barriers to protect trees. The arborist can build barriers to protect the trees and avoid construction damage. Also, the arborist may get a signed landscape protection contract from your builder to ensure off-limits areas are not disturbed during construction.

Tree inspection after the construction. Once the construction work is complete, your arborist will walk the property and conduct a tree inspection for damage. Stressed trees do not show problems immediately, and experts can identify any signs of tree problems and provide the necessary tree care service. Ongoing monitoring is typically essential to ensure tree preservation.

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