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Hire A Professional Arborist – When Tree Removal Is Necessary

How do you know it is time to remove a tree from your property? Your local arborist can help. Hire a professional arborist to evaluate the tree and see it has a chance to survive. There are different reasons to consider tree removal, but if you want the tree removed because it does not look good on your property or you don’t want it there, the specialist may not go with it.

There should be an apparent reason why you should consider tree removal. Here are some situations that may get the arborist to suggest tree removal.

Internal wood decay

Wood rot or wood decay happens in trees due to various types of fungi. The fungi begin to break down inner wood, thus causing it to weaken. While severe rot cases may be evident in the form of large downed limbs, damage to infected trees is not always apparent.

Severe wood decay will probably make it difficult to save it. Visible signs of decay could mean that the tree is also dead. Other signs of fungal invasion are mushroom development at the tree’s base or conks that appear on the branches and trunks could indicate that the tree is already afflicted with fungal infections.

Leaning and lopsided trees 

When a tree suddenly leans, it may present a hazard to people and property nearby. You will need to consult a tree specialist to see what help they can do for your tree. Generally, trees that lean more than 15 degrees from vertical are better removed. A little bit of leaning is normal for most trees, and it happens because the tree roots promote stability as it continues to grow. Trees that have grown to tilt are not as hazardous as initially straight trees but subsequently develop a lean due to wind or root damage. 

Fire hazard trees

While plants close to a building can be a major fire hazard, those farther away can also serve as buffers against radiation, convective heat, and fire brands. Trees, in particular, can block many of these hazards by diverting wind flow away from the house. However, some trees are flammable because of their sap, and if you live in an area where wildfires happen, you better consider if the tree is safe.

Tree care specialists can provide you with the help and advice you need to care for your trees properly. They know the best practices to keep them safe and healthy.

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