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Pruning trees and shrubs should be a routine part of your landscape maintenance. You may choose to do the tree work yourself, if you know how to do it, or get arborist services Ripley to do the job for you. Here’s why would you want to prune your trees.

Pruning can train the trees a younger stage. You can begin training or pruning trees right at planting time. You can cut and control the height of the tree or cause it to grow wider. Pruning helps a tree grow in the way you want it to grow.

Another reason to prune trees is to get better size or form of the tree. Pruning trees the proper way means a thinned out tree or not seeing any notable amount of wood coming out of the tree.

Pruning helps keep and promote vigour health of the tree. Remove dead or diseased wood and bad branch angles that may affect the health of the tree.

Another important reason to prune trees is for safety. A tree may present safety problems for you and your property. It is also a concern for trees growing into power lines and it needs to do pruning there for safety purposes.

Your way of pruning or technique may be another thing to be concerned with. Improper pruning will get you into a lot of problems. Bad pruning cut or bad pruning angle can harm the health of the tree. The damage caused by bad pruning technique, when it doesn’t heal up, could result in death and decomposition.

A proper cut will heal over quickly. That is the important part of pruning. 

Maintaining your trees can make you feel better. It is important to do it right to benefit from the tree work. You can always call for a professional arborist to help you in your landscape chores.

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