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Arborist Newtown – Steps To Take Before Tree Removal

Arborist Newtown

Healthy trees look beautiful on any property. However, there may be situations where a tree becomes a danger to people and property and may need to be removed. While you may consider tree removal as a task you can do, the job requires expertise as the job is challenging and dangerous.

Proper preparation ensures the tree is removed as quickly and safely as possible. There are steps to take before removing a tree.

First, consult the council regulations and know if your tree presents more risks than benefits and if they will give you a tree removal permit. You will often need the council’s approval before tree removal, as most states and territories want to stay green.

It helps to do some research since most councils decide based on the tree size, species and location. Each board also follows specific regulations, so check their website to see if you are heeding them.

Securing a permit may not be necessary in some cases if the removal only involves some dangerous parts and not the entire tree. It would be wise to consult a professional arborist Newtown as they can categorise the tree species and properly assess the tree. They can guide you to the council regulations to ensure you are not breaking the law.

Generally, the process of getting a permit is easy. You need to download the file from the council website. You may ask your local arborist to help you fill up the paperwork and provide evidence that the tree warrants removal and the best option to take. Once you receive the approval, the arborist may begin to work.

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