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We are a family operated local tree lopping business, with a trail of satisfied customers who often come back to us due to our high standard of workmanship & reliable service at a competitive price.


    Top Rated Tree Lopping Services Ipswich

    The team at Tree Lopping Service Ipswich know just how important trees are in our lives. As a long-standing member of the Queensland Arboricultural Association, you can rest assured that we have the expertise to handle any of your tree management needs. Sometimes trees need to be nurtured, other times we need them removed. We offer our services for both scenarios. Tree Lopping Service Ipswich is here for the life of your tree, and to bring you the services you need to make sure any trees you want to keep can live a long and healthy life. We’re also tree removal & stump grinding experts.

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    About Us

    Since our inception, we have been the main place people come to when looking for tree services in Ipswich, and we’ve worked hard to expand our growth. We have the most qualified arborists in Ipswich, who attend each call out to ensure you get the results you’re looking for, whether that’s in planting, tree care, or removal. When you care about your tree, you want professionals who care as much as you do.

    Our Services

    Each service that we provide at Tree Lopping Service Ipswich has been perfected over years in the business. From our small beginnings and limited offerings, we have grown to be the best at what we do, providing a variety of services and making sure our quality is dependable. We do this by always aiming to exceed expectations, to be on the cutting edge of tree care offerings, and to never settle for just ‘okay’. If we sound like the right people for the job,
    pick up the phone and give our experts a call.

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    Tree Removal Ipswich

    There are many things to consider when choosing a tree removal service, and the company you choose for the task should undergo the same level of consideration.

    ​For the best tree removal Ipswich has to offer, call our experts to get the results you need. From top to bottom, standing to mulch, we work hard to meet your property needs.

    ​​Tree Trimming Ipswich

    Proper tree trimming services will provide you with more than just weight reduction. The right trimming service can make all the difference to your tree’s care, when it comes to dealing with health issues, breaks, etc.  We bring you experienced and dedicated arborists who can assess and determine the right trimming measures to provide your tree with the healthy cuts needed. This proves that sometimes you need to remove a little to gain a lot.

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    Tree Mulching Ipswich

    Choosing to have a removed tree mulched can provide your property with many benefits you may not have thought of. It can be placed around flower beds, growing saplings, and other growth to provide the nutrient boost needed to promote healthy growth across your property. If you’re looking for a tree removal service that gives you multiple options, choose the mulching service from Tree Lopping Service Ipswich.

    Arborist Ipswich

    Our certified arborists provide a long list of beneficial services, from planning to planting, assessment, care and more. 

    We bring you an unrivaled level of local knowledge when it comes to tree species, soil for planting, and the future needs of any growth on your property. We are dedicated to giving you knowledge you can depend on when it comes to your trees.

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    Stump Grinding & Removal Ipswich

    We all know how annoying a stubborn stump can be on your property, with it getting in the way of lawn care, landscaping ideas and more. Getting the right stump grinding or removal service for your needs will free up your space, and provide you with a useable location again. No matter your future plans, our experts will provide you with the blank slate you need to realise your landscaping dreams.

    Tree Services Ipswich

    All of the services we provide to the Ipswich area come under the umbrella of tree services. We provide you with the means to care for your trees from the point of planting, to the eventual end of your tree’s life on your property. We are here for the city of Ipswich to depend on when it comes to any task to do with your trees, and to bring you the dependable service you need.

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    “I have a commercial building with many trees on the property, and have relied on Tree Lopping Service Ipswich to make sure they look great all year round. There’s no one else in the city I would choose for my tree needs.”

    ​– Jason R.

    “The tree in my backyard was infested by some type of bug I didn’t want to go anywhere near. I called in Tree Lopping Service Ipswich and they came and made an assessment the same day. After a pest control regimen they gave me, my tree was soon free of the invasion.”

    ​– Kelly I

    “After deciding to put a shed in the backyard, it meant it was time for the tree that stood there to go. I called Tree Lopping Service Ipswich for removal. They gave me a quote, got to work, and came in exactly as I budgeted. An excellent local offering.”

    – Drew T.

    Areas We Service

    Our team is based in Ipswich, due to demand for highly experienced Arborists and climbers, we have expanded the areas we service over the years. Here’s some of the other locations around Ipswich where we are more than happy to travel to for all your tree care needs:

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    The first step is to call us, your local experts in tree services. We are the best in planting, tree care and tree removal that Ipswich has to offer, and we pride ourselves on our availability to those who need our services. When you call us, you can rest assured that you’re talking to a knowledgeable professional who’s ready to give you all the information you need regarding our services.

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