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Your local arborist can help when you plan to develop your tree sites, relocating trees or removing them. For some developers, trees may block progress and need to be cleared. However, trees have been part of a diverse ecosystem, and people have acknowledged the significance of trees as they blend in with the development.

Why would you need a consulting arborist? 

Consulting arborists are authorised experts on trees. Their objective, to ensures the safety, health, and preservation of trees. But their job is not only to cut down or prune your trees which most people think. Their main task is to provide consultation on the trees, the tee health and structure, and development. They also give expert advice about real estate and property, legal and insurance matters, government consultation that can affect surrounding trees in the vicinity.

They have the proper training for the job. To become a qualified consulting arborist, one must first take the AQF Level 5 qualification, a requirement recognised by professional and industry bodies. Many of these arborists also have other degrees aside from being a consultant such as agriculture, town planning, and even law to provide proper assistance.

It is practical to consult an arborist. Consulting an arborist is a practical step to take, especially when you seek approval in land development. These arborists can provide you with detailed reports regarding the locations set for construction. 

Their extensive level of knowledge and experience about trees, tree management and construction around trees make their service in demand for consumers, professionals and other arborists.

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