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In these days of DIY, many would consider removing tree stump as a doable task. With many “how to” YouTube videos and tutorials, instructions are readily available for everything… including tree stump removal.

Removing a tree stump by hand will need a lot of effort, regardless of what tools you have. Others go for poisoning the stump in an attempt to prevent regrowth. However, poisoning tree stumps will still leave you with an ugly tree stump and potential trip hazard in your yard or garden.

Grinding is better than poisoning the tree stump

Poisoning is one of the methods to kill a stump and its root system, but it can be ineffective and regrowth will eventually shoot up. The poison may not be able to reach the root ball that will allow the roots to continue to grow beneath the surface. The unseen continuous growth of roots may cause damage to other plants, pavers, drive paths, buildings or even swimming pools. 

In addition, poison is dangerous to our health. It can pollute the soil as well as nearby streams or ponds. Instead of using poison, use tree stump grinding services. Tree stump grinding Sadliers Crossing will remove the stump permanently without the need for toxic chemicals.

Grinding the stump will get the job done faster. A large tree stump could take a long time before you can see the progress of poisoning. What might take you weeks or months can often do in a couple of hours or less with stump grinding services. It’s all about having the experience, expertise and the right machinery to get the job done right and fast. 

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