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Not just because your gardener said, he can properly prune your trees does not mean he can successfully climb one, large and small branches at the top of the tree and climb down in one peace. Arborists are not your local gardeners and they know and are more confident in taking better care of your trees.

However, we are not saying gardeners cannot prune trees properly since they are resourceful in what they do and they mostly are dedicated to taking care of trees. However, it is very important to understand the difficulties of having sharp tools while climbing a tree, and if your gardener does not have an experience in doing this, then don’t let him prune your tree.

Tree pruning is not a simple task

While pruning a tree looks like a simple task, especially if you are just pruning small low branches. The truth though, pruning is not as simple as it looks since it demands both your physical and mental attention. If the last time you climbed a tree was when you were a young child then better just use arborist services Woodend to do the work for you.

Arborists have special training and equipment

Arborists mostly undergo OHS training and have a horticulture traineeship which lets them take high-risk activities safely. They know exactly what they are doing and they have all the right tools to use when they are climbing a tree to make sure that they can get down from it safely. These specialists are not like your everyday gardener as they have all the essential toolkit to make a job successful.

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