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When tree pruning is done correctly, this will result in having a healthy, beautiful tree. However, the opposite can be said if it is not done correctly and your tree could die too if you are not careful. A certified arborist should be called when it comes to tree pruning especially if you are not skilled to this on your own.

Should You Prune Your Trees Yourself?

Tree pruning mostly involves climbing trees and handling chainsaws, ladders, and handsaws, which means a lot of manual labour. Even in Australia, tree trimming is considered one of the most dangerous jobs because of the high rate of injury. So think if you are an amateur in this field.

Part of the danger is not knowing which branch is also rotten and you mistakenly transfer your weight to a rotten branch. This could give way beneath you and create serious damage to you and your home, and even the tree.

Also, pruning your tree with include the use of sharp tools at elevated heights. Imagine using a chainsaw while standing on a ladder. The combination of a ladder and a chainsaw is never a good one, which is why you will need special safety precautions that are not commonly available to most homeowners.

Why Hire an Expert?

Hiring an expert in tree lopping Redbank Plains is your most practical solution to take care of your trees as you know that these professionals know how to properly prune trees while also safeguarding their well-being. They also know how to expertly prune trees for proper health.

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