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Do you have a dead tree or a tree that is in an inconvenient position? While most arborist would not want to remove a tree as they are all beautiful, but in some cases, it may become a necessity.

Why should you remove a tree?

Trees are a necessity in life and a great addition to our garden, but there are some cases when there is a real need for tree removal Blackstone such as if the tree is:

·         Dying or already dead

·         Touching the electric lines

·         Not in the right position

·         Posing a risk to safety

Before you decide to remove a tree, make sure to consult the local council first and see if you can really remove the tree. Call an arborist once you know that you can remove the tree and if you have gained the needed permissions.

Removing a tree

Removing a tree is not an easy task, depending on the length and width. It is not a job meant for you to do as this will require a lot of different equipment and not just an axe. It is best to call a professional arborist since they are familiar with efficiently and safely removing the tree without the risk of damaging the surrounding structures. Their tools will include cranes, cherry pickers and climbing equipment which they may use during the process.

Aside from removing the tree, the arborist will also remove the stump using a stump grinder and will remove any debris after the tree removal.

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