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When To Call For Emergency Tree Removal

Trees add that natural beauty to your landscape design. With proper care, these trees will flourish and improve your home’s curb appeal in the long run. Unfortunately, issues do arise, affecting the health and look of your trees. 

Thankfully, emergency tree service is available. Here are situations you may need professional emergency tree service.

Storm Damage

If your tree caused damage to your home after a storm, you need to contact professionals. Extreme weather conditions could knock down trees and damage your home’s roof and even your driveway and vehicles. Also, frequent storms with slight wind gusts could take down unhealthy or distressed trees.

Fallen trees and limbs may not appear to be a big problem, but when a big one falls to your roof may cause leaks and extensive water damage. If a tree or large branch falls onto your vehicle, causing costly repairs, the result would be the same. Tree service experts can help remove fallen trees and limbs if you have experienced storm damage.

Severe Trunk Wounds

Emergency tree removal is needed if your tree has severe trunk wounds. Several issues may cause severe wounds, including contact with an automobile, a storm, or improper pruning.

If there is minimal damage to the tree bark on the trunk, it can probably save the tree. If severe damage to the tree trunk involves wounds or large cavities or holes that have formed in the trunk, consulting an emergency tree service is wise.

Leaning Tree

While it may seem normal for a tree to lean slightly, it is a case the tree demonstrates some stress, and not addressing the issue could result in the tree toppling over ultimately.

Trees exposed to heavy wind gusts may start to lean slowly over time. Anchoring the tree upright into the ground with stakes may help, but if the tree leans more to a dangerous degree, better remove the tree to prevent it from falling and causing damage.

A diseased tree may also cause it to lean. If the fungal infection is too severe, emergency tree removal is necessary.

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