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Tree Lopping Service – Windsail Reduction and Crown Raising

Trees constantly deal with different environmental changes as these changes can affect their overall health, structural integrity and even their appearance. With the help of a certified expert in tree lopping service, the trees on your property can also receive the best care to stay healthy.

While some people think that the steps to better care for their trees are easy, bad pruning may result in decay, infestation, disease, and worst case, it may lead to its death. While you can do DIY pruning, the task is dangerous, especially for inexperienced ones. The job will require climbing to the ladder and cutting equipment, which is dangerous. Experience is crucial because of the difficulties of climbing and cutting down branches. 

Hiring an arborist for the job is a practical step to take. The arborist can help with:

Windsail reduction

Trees can be hazardous at times, especially after a storm. Winds can also create property damage. Although wind can easily blow through during their dormant months in winter, the tree’s canopy may act like a sail during wind storms during the spring and summer months. A certified arborist will selectively remove branches reduce a windsail to protect the tree and your property. It will help the tree not to bend during heavy windstorms.

Crown raising

The method will involve cutting, pruning and removal of the lower branches of the tree. Crown raising encourages more growth in the upper limbs. Arborists are more cautious when crown-raising mature trees. Pruning larger lower branches could affect the tree growth and leave behind an open wound that could lead to decay and infestation.

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