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We love the natural beauty of trees and the value they mostly give us. That is why in many places there is a great increase in the trees being planted. While trees are beneficial to us in many ways, many struggles to stay healthy simply because the homeowners make some mistakes taking care of them. Here are some of the common tree care mistakes most homeowners do:​

Excessive watering. Trees need water to remain strong and healthy, but too much water is bad for most trees and plants. This means that you have to give the right amount of water and at the right time.

Watering the trees frequently although it is in small amounts will cause soil to become waterlogged and stays that way. The water can cut off the air supply to the roots and to the microorganisms that live in healthy soil. It can lead to root rot or other diseases. Proper watering helps trees create deeper roots that are more stable and wind-resistant.

Tree planted too deeply. This is one misunderstanding most homeowners make. Many think planting a tree too deeply help the tree become stable. However, doing this can also cause the tree to die. When the tree is planted deeper, the trunk will be subjected to too much moisture which will allow for fungi and bacteria to attack the trunk.

Poor selection. Choosing the right tree for the right place is also crucial. While you may want to plant a specific tree in your location, but if it is the wrong tree, this may just die eventually. You may consult your local tree surgeon Ipswich for trees and plants suited to your area. Remember to consider both the mature height and width of any trees you may plant. You may observe what is already growing well in your yard or your community.

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