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Healthy trees add beauty to your home. But a diseased or dead tree not only looks unpleasant but also put people and your home in danger. A dead tree must be removed for safety reasons. This is where you can call for a certified arborist to get rid of the tree.​

A dead tree is easy to identify. How do you know if your tree is sick or dead? Here we talk about how you determine if your tree is sick or dead.

Pest infestation. Dying trees are easy targets for pests. Pest infestation is an indication that a tree is dying. If the tree is severely sick or dead, has no leaves, you have to cut it down. 

Damaged trees are at a high risk of falling over. Severe weather can cause structural problems to a tree, which presents a danger of branches falls off or the tree itself falls over. Sometimes, the structural problem is not visible. An arborist has special tools to determine if a tree is hollow or has a problem inside.

Hollow tree. How do you know if a tree is hollow on the inside? Squirrel holes is a sign that the tree is hollow on the inside. It is best to remove the tree to prevent any tree-related accident. 

Mushroom growth. Another sign a drying tree is when mushrooms grow on the side or on the ground. Fungi eat wood, if mushrooms sprout around the root system or the base of the tree, that’s another bad sign. That tree might be at risk of falling over.

These determining factors will help you identify if a tree is sick or dead. Call a certified arborist for tree removal St Lucia.

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