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Removing a tree is not a simple job. While some try to remove a tree on their own, it is best to have a professional do the job for you because there are many mistakes that can happen in the tree removal process. 

Tree removal mistakes happen when the job is done by an inexperienced individual. The following are common mistakes people make when removing trees.

Leaving the stumps
After tree removal, the next step should be stump removal. Leaving the stump after removing the tree opens up a place for insects, and potentially the destructive insects like termites. These wood-boring pests can move from the stump into your home causing nuisance and possible structural damage to your property.

Not wearing proper protective gear
Basic protective gear such as hard hats, goggles, and gloves are essential when working on trees. Wearing the right protective gear will protect your head, eyes and hands while you cut the tree down.

Lack of awareness
The job requires you to be aware of your surrounding. There may maybe roots, rocks and other things that are a trip hazard, especially when operating cutting tools. Always lock the chainsaw when not in use or when walking around to avoid any life-threatening accident.

Also, be aware of where the tree is likely to fall. Plan an escape in case the tree doesn’t fall in the way you expect it to fall. It is important to be alert and aware of how you get out of the danger.

Cutting the wrong trees
Consider the state and situation of the tree you intend to remove. Make sure to remove dead and dying trees or trees with sickness. Removing the wrong trees could leave a negative and costly impact on your overall landscape. 

If you plan to remove a tree yourself, consider that there are times that things go wrong. You can avoid tree removal mishaps when you hire an expert in tree removal Sadliers Crossing  because these professionals are well-equipped, experienced, and prepared to work in any given situation.

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