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Disaster strikes when you least expect it, so make sure you’re prepared and ready when a tree falls on your house by knowing the course of action to take in this situation. Your immediate action in the pursuit of emergency tree removal Redbank is important. 

Be ready with an action plan in the event that a tree falls in your house. Here are some steps that can help you lessen the damage caused by a fallen tree on your property.

  • Rope off or block the area if the hazardous tree is in the pathway to prevent someone from getting there. The situation will get worse when someone gets hurt. Also, consider placing a sign on the exit doors inside your home to remind anyone to avoid using the affected exits.
  • From a safe distance see if the tree falls on a power line. It the power line is hit, better turn off your power immediately or disconnect any expensive appliances from the socket. Though most of the electric appliances today are surge protected, it is still a good action to consider. Inform the power company about the situation.
  • From a distance, take some photos of the incident. Use the photos when you contact a tree service company.
  • Call a local emergency tree removal service company. They will likely ask you to take a photo of the affected area to evaluate the situation. They will come to your aid, even on the weekend or holidays.  In case it happens during a rainy weather, it is important to call for help quickly to mitigate water damage to your property.
  • Depending on the situation, emergency tree service can be a dangerous work and may cost a lot. Call your insurance company and make a claim.

Having a tree falls on your property can be a distressing experience. Following these steps will help you cope up with the problems caused by a fallen tree on your property.

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