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Trees make your property look beautiful, but some situations call for tree removal. Some trees could pose a big risk to people and property. Calling for arborist services is a smart decision you can take to deal with hazard trees. Here are some signs a tree is dangerous.

Damaged tree. Severe weather conditions and lightning strikes can do serious damage to the entire tree or part. Tree damage during a storm can cause a significant impact on the property or yard. Trees that are damaged by the weather condition presents dangers.

Leaning trunk. Tree removal is necessary when a tree that’s leaning more than 15 degrees because of severe wind or root damage. However, a tree that’s naturally bent because it grew that way isn’t as risky. If a tree starts leaning on your property, or you see cracked branches, don’t wait for an accident to happen. Do not ignore the danger and call an arborist for tree removal service.

Rotten roots. It is not easy to notice root rot, but there are indications of rotten roots. Mushrooms growing around the base of a tree is a sign of root rot. Fungi growing on the trunk can be an indication that the tree is rotting inside.

Tree work can be dangerous so it should be managed by an expert. Call a qualified arborist for the emergency and identify whether the tree can still be saved or removed. Ask for tree removal quotes One Mile to have an idea about the cost of their service.

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