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There are different means to remove dangerous trees. However, once the tree is removed it does not mean that the process is complete. After tree removal, you will have to remove the tree stump as well. Most of the reliable tree care experts will first assess the tree and after that decide on the proper action to take which may include complete stump removal.

Why should you remove a tree stump?

Improve your lawn’s safety. Leaving a stump in your yard can present a potential safety threat. Tree stumps are a hazard for kids and even adults as someone could trip and fall into it, causing potentially serious injuries.

Prevent pests. Tree stumps attract plant and animal pests. From ants, roaches, termites to rodents and snakes, these pests see a decaying stump as a perfect place for food and shelter.

Stop the growth of fungi. Fungi spread their spores most commonly via mushrooms. When these spores land on a tasty piece of wood, they will start munching away and will lead to decay. The troubling part of spores is they can spread even on healthy trees.

This can also affect the living, healthy trees in the surrounding. If one of your healthy trees suffers from a broken branch, the fungi can colonise the wound, making a bigger problem in your property.

Problems may occur when you leave tree stumps in your yard. That’s why it is best to have the tree stump removed after tree removal. Include stump removal services when you ask for tree removal quotes North Tivoli.

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