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The benefits of trees goes beyond their beautiful physical quality. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for many animals. It’s hard to see trees cut down but there are situations that a tree becomes dangerous especially when it is damaged or diseased.

In some situations, a professional arborist can save a damaged tree. However, there are times that you have no choice but consider removing the tree when all else fails. When you consider tree removal, you may also have to consider the following questions:

Is the tree an unwanted species? Troublesome species are those that are easy to break, weak to disease and have shallow roots. If that is the case of the tree, you may want to consider having it removed by a professional.

How bad is the damage? Severe damage to the tree trunk may prompt you to consider tree removal, especially if the damage is more than half of the tree. Smaller wounds can be salvageable since it will heal over time, but for rotting and hollow interiors poses more danger to people and property.

If it’s leaning, can it be saved? A crooked or leaning tree can be a problem, you may also consider removing it since there may be an underlying cause to it.

Other factors may suggest that a tree should be removed from your property. If it is causing damage to your property, tree limbs are already damaging or causing power outages then it would be better to get rid of the tree. For a problem tree, ask a certified arborist to assess the its condition and if needs to be removed. It can be helpful to ask tree removal quotes Mount Crosby to help you in the selection process.

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