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Removing a hazard tree requires expertise. Since trees can be very dangerous when they are cut down and removed, it is best to call for an arborist service to handle the job. Some situations warrant tree removal. Here are some situations you need to say goodbye to a tree.

The tree is dead. You can easily if a tree is dead, and this is the most common reason to remove a tree. Dead tree no longer offers benefits like beautiful appeal, water retention, and sun cover. Dead trees raise the risk of weak branches, and they can fall on a person or property. â€‹

Storm damaged tree. Severe weather conditions and strong winds can cause significant damage to trees. Storm damaged trees may be a complete blow-over, root failure, stem failure, or a crown twist. Unfortunately, heavily damaged trees in a storm will eventually die and pose hazards to people around and nearby property.

Diseased or decaying tree. An unhealthy tree can be a home for pests and susceptible to infection. It can also cause property damage as its branches become unstable. Dying trees can affect the curb appeal of the landscape. Removing the tree can restore the aesthetic appeal of your property.

You should have your trees examined for holes, tunnels, or other sign of insect infestation. If the pest problem is untreated, the problem may spread around the surrounding areas, including nearby structures. Aside from the inconvenience and unpleasantness of insects inside one’s home, termite activities, which is often unseen until significant foundational damage has been done, can be even more damaging and costly.

The tree is in the way of a new development or landscaping project. While you love trees around your property, it is not always possible to accommodate them, especially when you plan a new project in the area. The trees may be in the way of the new construction or in the way of heavy equipment.

If you need a tree removed, call for tree removal experts. They are well equipped to get the job done right and provide tree removal quotes Moores Pocket.

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