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A hanging branch of a tree is something you want to be removed as it could cause human injury or property damage. The risk could escalate especially during storms or in the event of a windy. While severe weather conditions and their effect on trees may not be preventable, we can prevent the dangers it brings and avoid incidents.
Proper tree maintenance

Well-maintained trees reduce hazards. One way to minimize tree hazards is by preparation and proper tree care. Tree inspection is vital to monitoring tree health. Check any signs of decay or disease because ignoring these problems may lead to larger problems that could be costly.

As you inspect tree branches, make sure that they do not overextend or interfere with power lines. Tree inspection and cutting overextending branches can prevent power outages and even fires from happening.

Pruning – Should you do it?

Proper pruning requires experience and expertise. The job can be difficult and dangerous, so it is not a job meant for the inexperienced. Call for a certified arborist to prune unstable or overhanging branches. It will keep your trees healthy and safe during a storm or even a windy day.

Tree removal

Some tree conditions call for removal. While most arborists will consider it as a last resort, but a dead tree or serious tree hazard is an easy call for removal. If you think a tree presents hazards to people around and nearby property, talk to a tree specialist and see what help they can do. They can provide you with sound advice about the tree condition and help you get approval for tree removal. Tree service professionals are well equipped to take the task at hand. You may ask for tree removal quotes Karrabin before you decide to use their service.

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