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We do not want to see a tree cut down. The world needs more trees right now. They add beauty not only to the yard but also to someone’s life. 

However, there are situations that we have to say goodbye to our loved trees. Tree removal is a big decision, a must when it raises tree hazards. Here are the tell-tale signs that warrant tree removal.

Hanging dead branches

The danger here is that they can fall on the roof of your house or your car and damage it. It can fall on someone’s head as well. You may cut the dead branches and save the tree from removal.

Trees branches stretching to restricted locations

It is interesting to see a giant tree. However, when the branches are reaching your house roof or siding, your entire household may be at risk for mould growth. It may happen even if the tree gets frequent trimming. If this is the case, you might have to cut down the tree. 

Branches can also extend to the power lines, electricity from the line can make the branch so hot it catches fire. Also, it can hurt or kill someone who climbs the tree because of the electricity from the line.

Fungus and mushroom growth 

If you notice fungus and mushroom growth on the bottom of your tree, it’s an indication that the tree is dead or dying. You will have to get rid of it. In this condition, the tree becomes a hazard as strong winds can topple it. The whole trunk could break and smash your house. Even without the wind, a dead tree can just fall without warning, damaging properties nearby or injuring someone on its way down.

If you need to remove a tree in your yard, call your local arborist for the job. You can ask for tree removal quotes Indooroopilly to have options that will meet your means.

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