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Removing decaying foliage, trimming trees and cutting back dead branches are some of the necessary work that needs to be done to keep your tree looking good, healthy and less hazard. Dead branches can be hazardous to anyone nearby and property. with a higher risk of branches falling when temperatures dip. 

Tree removal is an option property owners can take for various reasons. It can be done at any time of the year and you can ask for tree removal quotes Collingwood Park before getting the service. Here are some reasons to consider hiring an arborist for tree removal service.

An infected or dead tree is often a safety hazard. Arborists typically suggest cutting down trees when specific concerns are seen to prevent the possibility of accidents. Dead trees can be dangerous when they are situated nearby properties or with a lot of foot traffic. Dead tree branches or even the tree itself may fall especially during wintertime, could hurt people or cause significant and costly property damage.

​Overgrown branches. It can be unsafe when it subsequently affecting your house. Overextending branches that reach the roof of your house may pose problems. Leaves falling onto the roof or in the gutter may cause mould growth, clog and leaks. It is also a danger during a storm where the limbs may crash down the roof. Also, the branches may scrap against the shingles on a windy day.

If it’s your neighbour’s tree branches trespassing in your property line, you have the right to trim the limbs that extend to your property. But, make sure to discuss with your neighbour that you are going to trim part of their tree to avoid problems with them.

Knowing when it is helpful to fully remove trees form your property helps to protect people around, other trees and your home.

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