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It is hard to admit for true gardeners that their loved tree is deteriorating or have already died. It is difficult for them to let go of their beloved tree but if it is time for them to be cut down then it must go. When it comes to tree removal, it is best to know if a tree needs to be cut down.

A certified arborist knows tree conditions and determines if it can recover or not. The following points will help you to assess if your tree needs a professional or if you can save it on your own:

Inspect the soil and roots

See if the roots look soft and slimy or if pest infested. Fungal growth shows that the wood is getting rot.

Inspect trunk and bark

Are you noticing missing bark patches, presence of beetles, and insect made holes? If you do then your tree is not in good health. Contact your local arborist to check the condition of the tree.

Recognize ill health of trees from leaves and branches

Signs a tree is not in good health can be seen in the crown, on the foliage or stems (shoots, branches, trunks). Check the leaves if they are crispy and brown, or yellow and spongy. If they are, have an arborist check the tree right away.

It is good to have an arborist check your trees in winter as they are mostly in their dormant stage. The tree care specialist can diagnose the tree easily and do the necessary treatment it needs.

If there is not way to save a tree and needs removal, call a certified arborist. You can ask tree removal quotes Chelmer before you use their service.

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