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While trees can live for a very long time, they will eventually die. Trees die for a number of reasons, from pests infestation and disease to basic aging concerns. Here we talk about the causes of a tree dying, the indications of dead trees on your property, and some of the hazards of avoiding removal.

Causes of tree deterioration

Trees die because of aging reasons, pests infestation or early disease. Dying trees become dry and brittle. This happens because moisture and nutrients diminish as their root systems are no longer able to ingest these properly. 

Healthy trees absorb and transport nutrients and moisture to all vital parts, so when this process stops the tree can no longer hydrate itself and eventually die. The wood becomes weak and more likely to break, particularly in more fragile parts.

Noticeable signs of a dead tree

How can you tell a tree is in the dying process? Here some of the noticeable signs of dead trees:

  • Dying tree bark appears stripping away or falling off
  • Damaged branches
  • Dry dead leaves
  • Significant cracks or crevices in the trunk of the tree
  • Noticeable infestations of wood-boring insects

Tree hazards

The primary hazard of dying tree around people and nearby properties is falling branches. The branches of dying trees start to crack and break off, due in part to the dry and brittle condition of the wood and also as a result of wind or other elements. This raises the risk to animals, humans and even other plants.

Not only the weak branches present dangers, but the dead tree itself can also fall in its entirety if not removed immediately. This may cause minor to serious damage to nearby properties.

Call for professional tree removal service

A dead tree or bad tree condition warrants tree removal. However, it is highly discouraged attempting to remove it yourself unless you have professional tree removal training. It is best to call tree service experts to avoid any risks of injury or damaging your property. In the selection process, you can ask for tree removal quotes Bundamba that will go with your budget.

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