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Whether a tree poses a safety risk or you just want more space in your yard, tree removal is best done by a professional arborist. There are several cases that you need to remove a tree. Here are some reasons you might consider a tree removal North Booval:

Leaning tree. When a tree suddenly leaned to one side, it can be cause for some concern.  Most leaning trees should be checked carefully as this is an indication that the tree became hazardous and may need to be removed.

Diseased tree. There are certain diseases that weaken the tree structure and pose a hazardous situation where serious damage could result from falling limbs or the toppling of the entire tree. Indications of a diseased tree include spotted leaves, wilted foliage, fungi, unusual growths, and the like. Inspect your tree for any sign of disease since these serious ailments can be passed on to your other trees which could be dangerous in the end. An arborist can diagnose a tree for signs of diseased and assess if it can be saved or removal is a must. A diseased tree should be properly removed before the disease spreads to healthy trees.

Storm damaged tree. In an event of severe weather, the tree can cause property damage which would give you more headaches in the end.  Most damage to a property during a storm happens when limbs or trees fall. Ask your tree removal expert if a tree can be saved after a storm. If not, you can consider tree removal before accidents happen.

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