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The tree in your yard may have a sentimental value to you, but some situations call for necessary tree removal. When it is gone, you might consider planting a new tree to replace the removed tree.

Having trees and planting trees is always a good idea. However, you may think of planting a new tree on the location of the removed tree. Is it okay to do that? The answer is yes and no. Yes, the place is possible, and no, the location may not be suitable.

Why not use the old location

The place may not be suitable because the last tree may have already taken the soil’s many essential nutrients that your new tree would need. Also, the sawdust left from the stump grinding could have affected the soil’s nutrients balance. There will also be a problem if the old tree’s roots are still present which will leave the young tree to not have a lot of room to grow.

The old location may not be the best area to plant if the tree removed from there because of disease. The pathogen it contained could still be in the soil. So if you place the new tree, it may die.

Why you can plant in the old location

You can still use the old location if you feel that the area is too perfect to left bare. There are a few things to consider.

Plant a different tree. If the old tree died of a disease, make sure that the new tree you will pick will not be vulnerable to the pathogen that may still be present on the soil.

Give the soil some time to rest. You may want to wait for a year before you plant a tree on the removed tree spot. The removed tree roots should slowly decompose giving the new tree a better chance for survival.​

Prepare the area. While giving the soil some time, make sure that you also prepare the location. Remove all sawdust from the hole and chop as many roots as you can, adding topsoil and compost if you can.

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