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It is very difficult to admit for dedicated gardeners that their priced tree is dying or have already died. As they acknowledge the importance of trees and the beauty they possess, this can be difficult for them to let go. But if it is really time for them to be cut down, then having an expert in tree removal Kholo come to your property should be your next step.

qualified arborist can tell you if the tree can still be saved or if they need to be cut down. Here are some ways to assess if your tree needs a professional or if you can save your tree on your own:

Check the soil and roots. Check the roots if they look soft and slimy or if they become a habitat for pests. You should also look for fungus as this means that the wood is rotting.

Check the trunk and bark. Missing bark patches, the presence of beetles, and holes made by insects are not a good sign that your tree is in good health. You should contact an arborist to have them properly assess the tree’s condition.

Check the leaves and branches. It is not a good sign if your tree is not evergreen. When evergreens are ill, you will see the leaves rust coloured foliage. Check the leaves if they are crispy and brown, or yellow and spongy. If they are, have an arborist check the tree right away.

This is also a good time for an arborist to visit your property since trees in winter are mostly in their dormant stage. It will be easier for a qualified tree care specialist to diagnose your tree and do the necessary treatment it requires.

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