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It is nice to have trees on your property. However, you need to remove a problem tree from your yard when a tree is damaged in a storm, or its roots are causing significant damage to concrete foundations. Other problems like dangerously leaning on a structure, cracks in the trunk or insect infestation may also warrant tree removal.

The following points will help you decide if it is time to call for a tree removal Ipswich Qld. What does a damaged or dying tree look like?

  • The outer covering of a tree is falling off in sections around the trunk
  • Falling large branches even when there hasn’t been a storm
  • The leafy sections of the crown produce leaves later than other parts of the tree
  • Growth of mushrooms or other fungi at the base of the tree
  • Sawdust pile on the ground around the tree

Decay starts when nutrients can no longer make their way throughout the tree’s system. If the tree is shedding its bark, branches are falling off or areas such as the crown are not producing leaves, they are indications that your tree is not getting the proper nutrients it needs to survive.​

Call an arborist to assess the tree. It may be possible to save a tree or at least delay the process. Preventive and remedial actions may help the tree survive. Proper pruning of dead, dying, and weakly attached branches or installing structural support systems may help revive the tree. A true certified arborist will consider tree removal as a last resort. 

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