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When a tree in your yard has to go, there must be a valid reason. Trees add beauty to your landscape, but if it is dying, a disaster may already be in the works. When a tree poses hazards to people and property, then you will have to remove it.

Most arborists take tree removal as a last resort. They may offer options such as tree pruning, but for a dying or dead tree, removing it can be the safest and best option.

You are responsible for your property and the possible damage or injuries that could occur if a tree branch falls. Fortunately, you can tell whether you need to prune a tree or if it needs to be cut down.

Signs like leaf discolouration, soft crumbly wood, fungi growth, deep splits in the bark of the tree, and even woodpeckers continuously eating the tree tell something is wrong with the tree. When you notice any of these signs of infection, you may want to call an arborist for advice. 

Other signs to watch out for are stunted growth and discoloured foliage as these indicate unhealthy problematic trees. These are signs that the tree is not growing well. It may be difficult to know exactly what is going on with it, so you better ask a professional. Also, if the tree is already hollowed, this can seriously endanger your property and can be a great hazard.

If you have tree concerns, call your local arborist about tree health and maintenance and if it can be saved or removed. After the assessment, the arborist can determine the best course of action to save it, if not consider removal.

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