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How do you know whether a tree is worth saving? Call a professional before trying to do any major pruning or removal. There are situations, however, that warrants tree removal for protecting the surrounding environment.​ Here are good reasons to remove trees.

Risk of falling. As trees grow older and larger, they pose a fall risk. Nearby homes and properties are in direct threat. Also, the tree condition put human life at risk. Severe weather conditions can cause large limbs to fall on roofs or structures. If trimming is not possible, perhaps it is time to remove the tree.

Dead or dying tree. You do not want to keep a dead tree around especially if it is close to the property. Dead or dying trees can spread disease to other healthy plants and trees around. Also, dead trees attract pests like rodents and termites that can get into your home.

Pest-infested tree. In many situations, there is a slim chance of saving infested trees. They endanger the health of other trees and better be removed. Calling a professional arborist to evaluate the tree condition is the best approach to determine whether treatment is possible or the condition is beyond saving and removal is best.

A tree hinders new development. Some homeowners consider removing a tree for aesthetic reasons. Trees may be blocking a view, for solar panel use, or to make way for new construction. These are all good reasons to consider tree removal.

Tree removal is best done by an expert. You can find businesses of removing trees and tree removal is included in arborist services. It is best to call a professional for the job as they are well-equipped to get the job done right.

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