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Has your tree fallen on your property or your neighbour’s tree fell onto your property? Your tree may have a tree emergency if the entire tree is about to fall or a branch has fallen. Such an emergency can be dangerous not just for the property but for those living there. A tree emergency can happen is during a storm or spontaneous bad weather.

Note that emergencies are not always safety issues. Here are the common types of a tree emergency that would require tree service or tree removal East Ipswich:

When lightning strikes a tree. When a lightning strikes, this can partially take down the entire tree or limb. This can impact the whole home or yard. You may use tree services to take care of your issue.

Weather-damaged trees. Trees affected by the weather condition can also be dangerous such as tree trunk will crack or split the tree or limbs fall.

Roadside hazards. Trees impacted by traffic hazards also pose a threat to people.

Pest-infested trees. Trees that are harbouring pests can lose it structural integrity and can be dangerous to your property.

Dealing with such emergencies can be frightening but you should not be alarmed since it can be resolved with the help of qualified arborists. In the event of a tree falling on your home, your main concern should be to make sure that everyone is safe. Do not approach the hazardous area even to check if it is safe. The best thing you can do is to contact a professional right away.

Professional arborists can assess the emergency and identify whether the tree can still be saved or to permanently remove it. Also, a tree care expert can easily tell you if the tree needs to be removed before an accident happens.

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