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It is sad to see a tree cut down. There are real reasons why take it out. However, before you go ahead with it you should know that this is a hazardous operation. You can call tree removal Coalfalls services to do the job for you but if you choose to do it yourself, there are things to consider before you cut a tree.

Location. It is important to consider the size and location of the tree before you take it out. You have to look around that you are going to damage. There may be other trees around that you do not want to hurt. 

You want to make sure where you are cutting. See if there are power lines around or anything else that could hurt you or damage your property.

Size. You may be able to safely remove a small size tree. Anything bigger than 10 inches, consider hiring a professional tree guy to take it out. It is better safe than sorry.

Proper gears and equipment. It is important that you have safety gears before getting your hands on the job. Always wear a hard hat when you work or do anything above your head. 

Also, wear safety glasses and earplugs if you are using a chainsaw. Put on chainsaw chaps when you work with a chainsaw on the ground to protect your leg from kickback. 

Make sure your chainsaw has sharp blades. It is much safer when your equipment is working properly.

Safety should not be compromised in any way. So, before taking the tree removal job yourself, make a realistic assessment, make sure it is safe to take down and make sure you have the proper tools. Remember, calling a professional arborist to help you remove a tree is a safe choice. 

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