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If you have trees in your yard, you want to avoid falling branches as this may cause harm to people and damage to property nearby. Tree branches could fall on your property especially during storms. Even a mild windy day can cause some weak branches and even fruits to fall on your car windshield or worst on you. While we cannot control the situation, we can still prevent this from happening and avoid incidents.

Tree management

Preparing ahead and properly care for your tree can help reduce tree hazards. While your tree may look the same as always, it is helpful to check and look for signs of decay or disease. This is often ignored, but such problems can get worse and could even cost property owners on repairs.

Check tree branches to see if they do not interfere with your house or touch power lines. Making sure the tree does not reach your home or power lines can prevent power outages and even fires from happening.

Is it time to prune your tree?

Pruning is useful to maintain good tree growth. However, the job is best handled by an arborist as this can be difficult and dangerous, especially trees that need major pruning. Get help from a qualified arborist to prune unstable or overhanging branches as this will keep you safe during a storm or even a windy day.

When to consider tree removal?

Most arborists will not recommend immediate removal unless it is the only solution. When the tree poses a real danger to people and property, talk to your local arborist about tree removal Chelmer and see what help they can do. You will need their advice on how to get approval for the tree removal. Then the tree service expert will do the job once permission is granted.

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