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With a little willpower and strength, removing a tree is a task that can be done by anyone. However, tree removal Ironbark is best handled by professionals because they know how to get the job done right. 

We take a look at the common tree removal mistakes people do.

Leaving the tree stumps. Leaving the bottom part of the tree after the trunk has been cut down leaves potential problems. Stumps can easily attract termites and other insects. Termites in stumps can move into your home and cause inconvenience and structural damage to the property.

Not wearing safety gear. Basic safety gears such as hard hats, goggles and gloves should be used when removing a tree. A hard hat will protect your head in case a branch falls in the wrong direction. In the removing process, debris falls from the tree or spit out when using a chainsaw so wear goggles to protect your eyes. Gloves will protect your hands from the rough surfaces of the tree.

Unaware of the surrounding. The lack of awareness of your surrounding could be life-threatening. Always look around the area to avoid tripping from roots, cords, rocks and other things that may be on the ground. It is also important to be aware of the direction you are cutting especially when using a chainsaw. Make sure that the chain is locked when not in use or walking around to avoid accident.

Cutting the wrong trees. Deceased and dying trees, or unhealthy trees should be removed in a proper way. It is important to consider the condition and location of the tree you are considering to remove. Also, consider the effect of tree removal into your landscaping.

No escape options. It is important to plan an escape when cutting down a tree. There are times when a tree doesn’t fall in the direction you expect it to fall and it is important to be alert and aware of the situation to avoid danger. Plan escape options and be ready to use it.

Tree removal services can help remove unwanted trees and keep the health and beauty of a landscape. It is also important to remember that there are times that things can go wrong in the removal process. If you are thinking of removing a tree on your own, consider the common mistakes and risks before you go ahead with it. You may want to consider hiring a well-equipped and experienced professional to do the job for you.

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